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A little about me…

My interests have always been in art and computers. The fusion of the two have made the ideal career for me. Web Design & Devlopment has allowed me to express both of these passions. Seeing as how my passion has become my work, I feel no sense of slowing down or changing courses.

The Art Institute of Dallas provided an essential start to my career path. However, my 7+ years in the industry have given me more insight than any degree could ever provide. I went from being a Photoshop junkie to jumping into Flash and interactive design. The interactive (client side) coding then gave me an edge in backend (server side) development scripting.

After contributing 3 years to one company and reformatting its client process, as well as managing other designers, I have harnessed valuable project management skills. I have seen projects from start to finish and everywhere in between. I know what it takes to run an efficient team and, more importantly, I know how to be a part of that team.

I consider myself very proficient in Design, Development (front and back end), and Project Management. I stay on the cutting edge of the industry by continuing to learn things as they become available. I couldn't have picked a better industry to keep me on my toes. I love this stuff!